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The Wordy Brain Cell key chain


Even abecedarian sesquipedalians are honorificabilitudinitatibus.

Little Grey Cells® are intelligence-based products designed to amuse and educate. This adorable neuron will have you thinking about your brain cells and how they work together to make you who you are. Verble represents the word-loving, reading, writing and verbal side of us all. Excellent gift for writers, readers, students, teachers, scientists, doctors and any lover of brains and minds. A unique gift that will never be forgotten.

Contains 1 Verble: the Wordy Brain Cell vinyl key chain.


  • The Wordy Brain Cell key chain The Wordy Brain Cell key chain GMUS-LG-0102
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Sizes 2.5”
Materials Vinyl with plated steel chain
Packaging Key chain is secured in a colorful blister card. Product information printed on back.
Safety Every product meets or exceeds U.S. and European standards for safety. For ages 3 and up.

All about The Wordy Brain Cell key chain

ABECEDARIAN: An abecedarian is a beginner, like someone who is just learning the A-B-C’s of the alphabet.

SESQUIPEDALIAN: A sesquipedalian is someone who uses big words. The Roman poet Horace used this long word to warn other poets against using foot-and-a-half long words. In Latin, sesqui- means “one and a half” and pedal-ian means “relating to the foot” (think pedal on a bicycle).

HONORIFICABILITUDINITATIBUS: For over a thousand years, this Latinesque word has been used as an example of a humorously long word. It is semi-nonsensical, but more or less means "being in the state of being able to be honored", or honorable.

William Shakespeare famously used the word in his play, Love’s Labour’s Lost.

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