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The Foolish Brain Cell key chain


It's a gift to be simple.

Little Grey Cells® are intelligence-based products designed to amuse and educate. This adorable neuron will have you thinking about your brain cells and how they work together to make you who you are. Mauron represents the simple, foolish and ignorant side of human nature. Excellent gift for students, teachers, scientists, doctors and any lover of brains and minds. A unique gift that will never be forgotten.

Contains 1 Mauron: the Foolish Brain Cell vinyl key chain.


  • The Foolish Brain Cell key chain The Foolish Brain Cell key chain GMUS-LG-0104
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Sizes 2.5”
Materials Vinyl with plated steel chain
Packaging Key chain is secured in a colorful blister card. Product information printed on back.
Safety Every product meets or exceeds U.S. and European standards for safety. For ages 3 and up.

All about The Foolish Brain Cell key chain

Why do people lick freezing metal to see if they will get stuck?
Why do they touch the stove when they know they’ll get burned?
Why do they poke fingers in scalding water, or electrical sockets?
Why do they procrastinate when they know the work won’t do itself?!
Why do they eat too much?!!

Why don’t people think about what they’re doing?
Why don’t they use their heads?!
Why don’t they use their brains?!!

But they do.

Think about it.

Maybe having brains isn’t everything.

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