• Logical Brain Cell key chain front
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  • Numeral key chain
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The Logical Brain Cell key chain


If you think about it, mathematics is as easy as pi.

Little Grey Cells® are intelligence-based products designed to amuse and educate. This adorable neuron will have you thinking about your brain cells and how they work together to make you who you are. Numeral represents the number-loving, mathematical, logical side of us all. Excellent gift for students, teachers, mathematicians, engineers, computer programmers, scientists, doctors and any lover of brains and minds. A unique gift that will never be forgotten.

Contains 1 Numeral: the Logical Brain Cell vinyl key chain.


  • The Logical Brain Cell key chain The Logical Brain Cell key chain GMUS-LG-0103
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Sizes 2.5”
Materials Vinyl with plated steel chain
Packaging Key chain is secured in a colorful blister card. Product information printed on back.
Safety Every product meets or exceeds U.S. and European standards for safety. For ages 3 and up.

All about The Logical Brain Cell key chain

•  Archimedes of Syracuse (287-212 BC), the Greek mathematician, astronomer, and engineer, calculated the lengths of the sides of two 96-sided polygons, one inscribed just outside a circle and one just inside, and determined that the value of pi was between 3 1/7 (or 3.14286...) and 3 10/71 (or 3.14085...). He also figured out how to tell if a crown was made of impure gold by immersing it in water. Eureka!

•  Zeno’s dichotomy paradox says that if it takes some time to travel successive half-distances to a destination, it must take an infinite amount of time to get anywhere — so motion is impossible.

When the philosopher Diogenes heard the paradox, he disproved it by standing up and walking away!

Can you solve it?

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