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Uterus Key Chain 12 Pack

Learn all about the Uterus with our educational, unique adorable plush! Cuddly, huggable and soft in the high quality GIANTmicrobes style, this plush key chain will serve as your emotional support buddy.

Looking for a unique Get Well gift for post-hysterectomy, surgery or gynecological education? This Uterus plush is a memorable and unique gift that will have you smiling and feeling good. Special feature makes this Uterus top of its class: includes plush egg cells that magnetically attach!

Each Uterus key chain measures 5". Comes in pack of 12.


Uterus Key Chain 12 Pack Uterus Key Chain 12 Pack GMUS-KP-3037
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All about Uterus Key Chain 12 Pack

Everyone starts life in a uterus where we develop during pregnancy. Each side of the uterus has an ovary with thousands of human eggs. Each month an egg travels down a fallopian tube to the uterus. When fertilized by a sperm, the egg implants itself in the uterus. The embryo grows into a fetus lying snugly in amniotic fluid and nourished through the placenta. After nine months, the baby heads out into the world!

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