Plague Inc: Bio-Weapon

The Bio-Weapon is an angry pathogen that has no time for messing around - do not touch it! Released on the world accidentally, it becomes more lethal over time and is incredibly hard to control. Can it still spread when it kills everyone it touches?

  • Bio-Weapon cluster
  • Bio-Weapon plush doll
  • Plague Inc: Bio-Weapon under a microscope!
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Plague Inc: Bio-Weapon Plague Inc: Bio-Weapon GMUS-ND-0100

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Additional Information

Sizes Giantmicrobes are based on actual microbes, cells, organisms and other critters, only 1,000,000 times actual size!
Gigantic (GG) 16-24"
XL (XL) 10-15"
Original (PD) 5-8"
Keychain (KC) 2-4" with clip
Materials Plush from all new materials. Stuffed with polyester fiber fill. Surface washable: sponge with water & soap, air dry.
Packaging Each plush microbe includes a printed card with fun, educational and fascinating facts about the actual microbe or cell.
Safety Every product meets or exceeds U.S. and European standards for safety. For ages 3 and up.

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