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Fundados en el 2002, nuestra misión en Giantmicrobes Inc. es la de producir regalos únicos e interesantes tanto para niños como adultos. Independientemente de que tu interés sea educativo, médico o simplemente busques entretenerte, ¡somos tu fuente número uno en productos de microbios!.

Opportunity LOL

"I spend my time thinking about how to develop our characters into personalities that will get to have a life of their own." - GIANTmicrobes® Founder/CEO Drew Oliver Opportunity LOL


"Who knew that Hay Fever could look so cute?" - timetoplay


"These little guys are ready to infect your collection with some cuteness!" - Tomopop Tomopop


"They had me at chlamydia." - USA TODAY usatoday


"Every one of these is cuter than a bug's ear." - captaintoy

Opportunity LOL

"Everyone in your family will have something to make them smile when they're not feeling good." - opportunity LOL Opportunity LOL


"An adorable collection of plushie infectious diseases and other micro-organisms." - Cnet


"Jim Henson's Muppets made pigs and frogs endearing, and Walt Disney turned a common rodent into a cultural icon. Now, Drew Oliver thinks it's time for bacteria, viruses and other maligned microorganisms to share the love." - The Associated Press Yahoo


"Innovative designers of collectible toys inspired by the microscopic world." - cnbc


"Experiment with these geek-chic finds and embrace your inner nerd!" - buzzdaily


"Slap a little pink bow on a lil' rolly polly egg cell and you, my friend, are very unexpectedly in cute city." - brixton


"They're cute and morbid, cuddly and gory, and very, very educational--all at the same time." - toyspedia


"These giants are absolutely awesome, and I'm cuddling with death tonight." - PC World pcworld


"How can you resist these adorable little microbes?" - momblog


"Toys and art objects based on science classes such as physics and microbiology have become the hottest thing." - The Sydney Morning Herald smh


"They are actually a great way to make coughs and colds a bit less scary for kids." - WIRED.CO.UK wireduk


"The products are indeed fun and offbeat, and are designed to provide a quirky and enjoyable way to get closer to some pretty nasty subjects." - tonic tonic


"These adorable stuffed versions of nasty disease-causing microbes aren't just for medical professionals." - WIRED wired


"A bizarre range of soft toys which look like bacteria and viruses have become popular with students, health care workers and children... So, if you're looking for a Christmas present for the friend who has everything... give them Herpes!" - The Telegraph telegraph


"Infectiously cute new products make perfect stocking stuffers and gifts." - PR Newswire prnewswire


"The bizarre creatures, designed to look like the bugs that cause common colds, sore throats and coughs have become the latest craze." - The Sun sun


"At last, a common cold that feels good to catch." - The Atlanta Journal Constitution atlanta


"You have to love that infectious enthusiasm." - Newsweek newsweek


"It's half hysterically funny, half practical and 100 percent guaranteed to grab your kid's interest" - parentsconnect parents


"I thought it was one of the coolest things you could get." - Yahoo! Contributor associated


"They are so darn cute!" - shescribes


"Fancy cuddling up to some syphilis at night?" - METRO metro


"I am 100% thrilled with this product and how well my children responded to learning and playing with it!" - mama


"They are found around the world and the tagging explaining the illness, pathogen or organism has been translated into over 8 languages for use in public awareness in North America and Europe." - Wikipedia wiki

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