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E. Coli tie

E. Coli tie under a microscope!

Certain E. Coli strains can be highly pathogenic, and can lead to severe illness or fatality, especially in the young, elderly or immuno-compromised. Often spread via contaminated vegetables, undercooked and contaminated beef, unpasteurized milk and juice, this outlaw requires food workers to be especially careful to implement good hygiene habits. Continuing outbreaks highlight the serious challenges to food industry, homemaker and parent, alike.

A back-of-tie "Awareness Note" and a source citation are incorporated in the pattern design. 100% microfiber material.

  • E. Coli tie
  • E. Coli pattern
  • E. Coli back
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E. Coli tie E. Coli tie GMUS-GK-4002

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Sizes 3.25'' x 58.0''
Materials Blue 100% Microfiber Tie
Packaging Each item is packed securely for handling.
Safety Every product meets or exceeds U.S. and European standards for safety. For ages 3 and up.

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