Paramecium & Amoeba Color Earrings

Fun, original designs created with science and nature as a source of inspiration! These earrings are made out of cereal box paperboard with laminated front and custom die-cuts. Recycled materials.

  • Paramecium Amoeba earrings
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Paramecium & Amoeba Color Earrings Paramecium & Amoeba Color Earrings GMUS-GK-6204
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Product Details

Additional Information

Sizes Approx. 1.25" with 1" surgical steel hanger
Materials Cereal box paperboard with laminated front and back images on surgical steel hangers. Shellac is used to glue the layers of paper material together and and provides the nice shiny top coat for the finished product.
Packaging Comes on folded business size card with information about the design.
Safety Every product meets or exceeds U.S. and European standards for safety.

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