When you hear “Superbug” you might think of lifesaving heroes like Superman. But the bacteria MRSA is super in a very different way. MRSA is super resistant to some of the strongest antibiotics around, thus it’s nicknamed the Superbug! Initially, it was only an issue for those with weakened immune systems. However, due to adaptation these villains have powered up to attack even the healthiest people. Not only does MRSA appear in hospitals, but other hotspots include communal areas like locker rooms, military bases, prisons, and even schools!

Every year in the US, there are over 80,000 MRSA infections and over 11,000 deaths. Recently, kids have been especially in danger, as the number of hospitalized children due to MRSA doubled since the year 2000. Athletes must also be careful, since this bacteria loves to grow in improperly cleaned equipment, such as wrestling mats, hockey gloves, and even protective helmets! So the next time you compete in sports or visit a hospital, do your best to practice good hygiene habits and help prevent a visit from the Superbug.