STD 4-pack

Thank you to all who participated in our first ever STD Trivia Contest! Congratulations to Katie B. and our 5 runner-ups! We will be contacting the winners shortly.

Bummed you didn't win?! Stay tuned tomorrow because STD Trivia Contest #2 is kicking off!

Here's a sample of the STD contest answers:

1. Who likely contracted syphilis in the early 16th century?

  • a. Magellan
  • b. Ivan the Terrible
  • c. Cervantes
  • d. Casanova
  • e. Henry VIII

2. HIV is a virus. Which other STD is also a virus?

  • a. Chlamydia
  • b. Gonorrhea
  • c. Herpes
  • d. Trichomoniasis
  • e. Syphilis

3. What cells does the HIV virus attack?

  • a. White Blood Cells
  • b. Red Blood Cells
  • c. Neurons
  • d. Stem Cells
  • e. All of the Above

Please click here for the full STD trivia contest answer sheet.