Microbe Lovers,

Thanks to everyone that voted in our V-Day "VD" Caption Contest! We received so many creative captions and thousands of you voted on the winners. The finalists wrote wonderful and witty captions, so the voting for each scene was very tight. All the final entries were certainly for anyone with a healthy sense of humor! Here are the brilliant winning captions for each scene:

Red Blood Cells winner
Red Blood Cells: "I hope they're not marching in vein."

STD coffee break winner
STD Coffee Break: "All I hear is "Zika! Zika! Zika!" Nobody cares about us anymore."

Oddity winner
Oddity: "To the right, we see a multi-bedroom house, where you and your families can set up your very own microbiome!"

Kissing mono winner
Kissing 'Mono e Mono': "You're not allowed to spread Mono until you're 18!" ... "But Mom, all of my friends are spreading Mono!"

Herpes Met Sally winner
When Herpes Met Sally: "Play it safe, don't have what she's having."

Kissablanca winner
Kissablanca: "Of all the Epstein-Barrs, in all the towns, in all the world, she walks into mine."

Congratulations to all the winners who will be receiving a selection of GIANTmicrobes products. We will be contacting you separately via email.