Mosquito facts

Here are 10 Fun Facts about Mosquitoes!

  1. There are about 3,000 species of mosquitoes.

  2. Culex pipiens is the most common species in the USA.

  3. Mosquitoes are found on every continent in the world except in Antarctica.

  4. Mating mosquitoes synchronize their wing beats to perform a lover's duet.

  5. Only female mosquitoes bite. These ladies’ eggs need protein from blood to develop.

  6. Mosquitoes are attracted to the CO₂ you exhale, and can detect it up to 75-feet away.

  7. These little buggers have existed on Earth for over 175 million years.

  8. They can only fly at speeds of about 1 mph, so you should able to outrun them.

  9. Mosquitoes are able to drink 3 times their own body weight in blood!

  10. Despite your nightmares about sharks and snakes and killer bees, mosquitoes are the deadliest animal on Earth!