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Old 12-10-2012, 04:50 PM
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Smile Finally, something new!

Since I see that nothing has really been done here in more than a year, maybe we should all try to come back, a little bit. So, if you still come here every once in a while, say how you are doing, and anything about the microbes you want to!

Mad Cow Service-Send me a private message if you have a Mad Cow that is interested.

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Old Today, 10:51 AM
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Hey, it's been.... Long. XD

I've went from high school to university already! And I've decided to study Biotech. The school I'm in now is in a really snowy place; I've never seen so much snow in my life! But the countryside is gorgeous in the spring! (I should've taken a video or something) It's a really cold and rainy, but lovely place.

And so far, it's been really busy for me...

I can see there're a lot of people looking through the forums still... Strange no one new has posted anything. Hmm... maybe they're bots? HI BOTS!!
MICROBES: Cute, yet... deliciously EVIL!
Of course, not counting our good nonpathogenic microbes! (but they are still just as cute!)

We may be gone, but the history is still here.

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