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Old 05-12-2006, 11:57 PM
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Default Infected Fridge

Well I finally got creative, bored, and had free time all at once and went to work playing with pom things, glue, googly eyes, and magnet stip tape stuff. My fridge is now adorned with my creations, which as soon as I get pics of they will be posted. I altered Strep, made it more strepy, and made a new one that I hope there will be a plush made of some day, Lactobacillus, what I will be working with starting Monday and potentially/hopefully continue working with until I get my degree and perhaps beyond, it is a probiotic (healthy bacteria, they are soooooo cool!!!!), very excited about this! I need to get more pom things to get cold and HIV made. So far I have ulcer, hepatitis, pimple, strep, lactobacillus, TB, plague, cough, martian life, flu, yeast, ear ache, and salmonella. I do not plan to make them all, some would be too difficult and I am partial to the bacteria and viruses, mostly the bacteria. I want to make stomach ache but need different color poms (none of mine are the right shade) same with E. coli and perhaps the clap. I have giardia in progress, have the pom base glued but need something for the "face"... Perhaps ribbon would do, I'll have to look into it... I might make some more kinds of bacteria that do not have plushes (yet), we'll see. I look forward to people seeing my creations, not only the pics I will post but people coming over and seeing them on my fridge, it looks so nifty with them on it!!! I am bound to get some interesting looks from people, my friends should know I'm nuts but they will likely look at me extra strange for this one, te he! I also might makes some pins one of these days, would be quite appropriate on a lab coat, though I rarely wear one even though I technically should... Well I have to go to bed now, trying to convert to Iowan time, they seem to think that the day is half over at 12pm, which is when I consider it just starting, freak morning people!
~~Nonpathogenic microbes are our friends~~
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