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Old 09-22-2006, 02:07 AM
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Originally Posted by mazuac
i wish i could grow microbes...
You do all the time , there are microbes on your skin (staphylococcus is common), in your mouth (many kinds often including spirochetes, the spiral shaped kind), in your throat (streptococcus, mutant strains cause strep throat but most are not harmful), hopefully not in your stomach since the only one I know of is one that causes ulcers, and in your gut (much of the space is filled with them). You could also collect left over food and watch it rot, fungi and/or bacteria are the things that rot food, just don't let it stink too bad, I doubt your mother would like this idea too much...

Pollock's idea is actually very good and what I was going to suggest before she beat me to it, I have seen a kit at hobby lobby that had some sort of agar (there is agar which is the solidifying agent and it is normally added to some sort of broth that contains nutrients and such for them to eat), it also came with a petri dish. If you lived by me I could have given you some old plates but oh well. Generally plastic ones are considered disposable but as you would get a limited number you will likely want to clean and reuse them, I have boxes with I think 500 in them. If you do this I suggest taking a Q-tip and rubbing a tooth and then gently spreading it across the agar and seeing what grows, you will want to put it in a warm spot but not too hot or you will fry them, and yes they generally like it dark. You could also take a q-tip to raw meat, that should have some interesting bugs on it, behind your ear should have a nice collection of staphylococcus, they might grow for you. Oh dirt, yes, that is a great one, it has all kinds of wonderful things in it. If you have any salad greens around they would be fun, take and gently press a leaf to the surface, take it off and see if anything comes grows, should grow in the shape of the leaf if you are careful. Use your imagination!
~~Nonpathogenic microbes are our friends~~
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