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Old 04-26-2010, 05:12 PM
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Default Microbe RPG: The Beginning

Tell me what you guys think!

The Setting: Parallel Universe, World War
The year: 2010

Two Scientists are working at a table. The recently re-animated body of a human lies on the table. Re-animation is primitive, and the body can only last a few hours, days at most. They need to work quickly. The first injects the body with a Serum, red, the color of Blood. In it? Every Disease known to Man. The new Anthrax. Because it's not just Anthrax. It's Anthrax, Ebola, Swine Flu, MRSA, Flesh-Eating, Polio, etc. The enemies developed it as a biological weapon. They are working on a counter-attack of microscopic proportions. All of it goes down. They wait half an hour. The infection should have begun. Now, a second Vile, color of Mercury. Filled with nanobots ready to kill any vicious microbe. The Liquid goes in. Alarms are Blaring Now! The Scientists need to leave or the radiation will effect them! They run. Two hours later, they come back. The Nanites are not responding. They are killing all of the cells. But the Diseases on the Other Hand...

Redd the Blood Cell was swimming. He noticed he was swimming. He opened his eyes. Eyes? He never saw before! The place he swam around all his life, the blood stream, was an ugly red place. He looked in front of him. The Platelet-Fat-Cell Clot was the thing preventing him from getting past! Now he could see what was happening, not just respond to surroundings. And he could think! Let's get past this block. He turned and moved back. Other Blood Cells were having this Realization too! He made a left. He heard a Propeller Buzzing. He saw a Flash of White-Blue. He felt Heat. Heat? Yes, unbearable heat. And he couldn't think. He was part of the Blood Stream Now. After just a minute, a SUBLIMITE had taken Redd's ability to think, and life, away from him.

Create your character! I'm still thinking. Ebola maybe? Or Flesh-Eating?
Name, Gender, Type, Information, Etc
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