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You wrote that? thats actually kinda like mine. I guess Ill give you a little introduction to the plot of my story.

Long ago, Adam and Eve had many children. Their 16th child, Erestax, married their 22nd child, Orokyna. They had 1 child: Ferdinand. Ferdinand was born with a strange power, and has many children with a Half-Elf Half-Human. They are born with either Divine or Dark powers. The two most powerful of them, Miriam and Orion, start an order, Ordo Duorum Veneficorum, or Order of the Two Sorcerers. But it turns out that when Ferdinand summoned up the two forces of magic, he summoned something else. something darker than Kira, the dark force, and more powerful than Tira, the light force. It possesses Orion, and he kills Miriam , who makes 5 stones that imprison the force that is terrorizing the wizards to a mysterious task. Mortha, Orion's mirror image and younger brother, denies the mysterious force when it tries to corrupt him as well. In desperation,. he casts the χωρίζω συλλαβίζω, or Syllabiso Koriso, which means Separation Spell on the world, killing half the magicians and throwing the others into exile. Now, tens of thousands of years later, in 2010, The Warlock, second order of magicians, followers of Orion, are getting free. people are disappearing, and dark symbols are found burnt into the bodies of the dead. Mortha is loose, and has finally accepted the bribe of the strange 3rd force. He is creating and army, a third order of magicians, the Eves. Theo, Mortha's apprentice, kills Mortha, and freezes both himself and the Eves in ice for 2400 years. the ice is melting, and the Warlocks are gaining power for the 3rd time. The Eves are destroying Earth, and the wizards, the first order of magicians, followers of Miriam, are nowhere to be found. The fate of the world lies in the hands of... no one. No one dares defy the Warlocks and Eves. Except the two last wizards, Markas, Miriam's nephew, and Miriam the second, Orion's daughter who he sent tens of thousands of years into the future, hoping to get rid of her. now, in year 4410, Miriam the second has flown out of the time portal, still a baby. Markas trains her in magic. Then one day, she makes her first Heaven's Portal, a portal into the after life. The first Miriam appears in the portal, and tells Miriam the second to look for eight others who are like her and Markas. in the first book she finds Walter and Eleen. I wont say who the other 6 "Chosen Ones" (lol) are, because that would kind of give away the ending.

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