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Well, I'm starting my own project that has to do with a different branch of Science...yes, I am going to build a Theremin

Since I know for a fact that you are thinking "What in the name of all things holy is a Theremin?"
So, here's a brief history from my memory:

The Theremin was one of the world's first electronic instruments, and remains to this day the only instrument that does not have to be touched to be played.
It was invented in 1919 by Leon Theremin, who was doing research for the Russian government on proximity sensors. The device consists of two antennae, one which controls the volume, and the other that controls the pitch. The closer the hand it moved to the pitch antenna, the higher the pitch becomes, and the closer the hand is held to the volume antenna, the quieter the volume becomes.

Anyways, I'm building an analogue version, which basically consists of an internal circuit board, and produces sound with radio coils. I'm pretty excited about the project

Here's a super cool example of a Theremin from YouTube:

I just think that more people should know about this super cool instrument!
Tell me what you think
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