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An excerpt from Chapter 16 of Book 3.

“Well, knock,” said Xioxis impatiently. “Okay, okay, it just seems, kind of…” “I know, the, er, bones, are a bit unsettling. But still, do you want it or not?” The thought of Aistakran having the Stone made Miriam shudder. Imagine what that witch had done it. She preferred not to think about it. “Knock!” “Okay, fine.” She knocked.

* * *
“Carmen,” called Aistakran. Nothing. Carmen never answered her anymore. She had been to damned nice to Carmen. To lenient. This had to stop. “Carmine!” Still nothing. Aistakran was getting annoyed. Things broke when Aistakran got that way. “CARMINE!” Still no answer. The nerve of some people… “Carmine, if you do not get here now, I will have to… you know.
“I’m here, Aistey,” said a voice behind her. Aistey? This was a new one. “Explain yourself now, Carmine, or I’ll have to… er, you know, right?” “I’m sorry, I was checking the caramel orders. They are getting here today at seven-thirty. Oh, and the steak will be late, some guy in Japan ordered more than they thought,”
“Late!? My steak? How, how, how dare they! When they get here, I’ll, I’ll, well, you know,” “Listen, I’m sorry, okay? Also, there's someone at the main gates,” “Who?” “An old friend. Xioxis,” “Xioxis!? Why didn’t you tell me? Is there anyone with him? Huh? Tell me! Now!” “Yes, there is a girl and a boy. I don’t know, there's, something... else. I’m not sure what it is. Should I get the door?” “No, I think I’ll welcome Xioxis back myself, hehe,”
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