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I use body wash and a loof thing, it helps get the dead skin off, plus I think it is cheaper than the shampoo (at least the brand I use might be). Water alone would be somewhat effective from what I have heard, the soap makes it more effective. I think the water is what is doing most of the work as far as washing microbes off, the soap helps cut oils and helps get rid of the potentially stubborn ones. I get dry skin too, I have lotion to solve that problem, I suggest getting a bottle and keeping it by the sink so she can wash her hands and then use the lotion to heal/prevent the dryness . I get the ones that brag about how ultra healing they are and especially ones that do not stink, and the pump top bottles are the best (Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Healing is my current favorite).

~~Nonpathogenic microbes are our friends~~
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