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I used one (strep throat) as a visual aide in my speech class as an undergrad, it was an autobiographical speech and I used it to represent my future career as a microbiologist. I managed to incorporate microbiology into all but one speech, the last (a group debate speech) was only because I did not pick the topic and my group did not see the light. We would so have been better off if we had chosen my topic about controling antimicrobials and not the stupid political science major's topic, the patriot act, how boring can you get! It was the dumbest topic and pretty much everyone was against the bill and so there was a huge debate/fight on who would argue for it, the two that did spent the whole time prefacing their postition with "I'm argueing pro but I am really con", I was about to strangle them. My topic would have been perfect since I was able to make an outline for both sides and none of them knew enough to have an opinion and so could be assigned a side and a particular aspect to argue (the pro control side of course would be right ). Oh well, I was able to get all the other speeches on topic and had an option for the last one so technically I met my geeky goal .
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