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Well I'm not singing it to myself, that is just pathetic, and I am not telling anyone here when it is my birthday (I hate having a fuss made) so no probably no happy birthday song unless someone(s) calls from back in Chicago and harrasses me (goodness I hope they don't sing!), I kinda find the song irritating anyway so it is more than fine if I don't have to hear it... Good thing I don't have class that day, would hate to have people trying to call when I am in class. As is it will likely be a pain since I will likely be plating E. coli and possibly Salmonella all day and the calls would interupt my plating, we have 426 plates to get done and I want to get it all done that day so my boss doesn't feel the need to spend the night in the office and work on it overnight! OK I'm done venting about how annoying birthdays can be.
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