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Just look at our humble thread of suggestions, that one is pack full of ideas, plus there are many many many microbes to choose from so no I don't see them running out of microbes... First week of April eh (that eh is for you Giardia, my favorite Canuck ), well we are a bit past that so here's hoping they get them out soon. Though as long as it is before Christmas I'm fine, in fact the closer to christmas the less tempted I would be to buy them myself and not let my family get any adn that could cause a feud directed at me (there will be one either way, usually they argue on who gets to get which one, my mom is the nuttiest about it, she is upset that my sister got me polio since that is the one she thought was cutest of the three I didn't have, no wonder I'm nuts!).
~~Nonpathogenic microbes are our friends~~
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