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Oh alright. It's worth it.

Ulcer-Braidy (I love to braid it's long orange "hair" thus the name Braidy.)
Cough-Twinkie (If you look at it with it's eyes facing down you'll see why.)
Common cold-Rhino (Think rhinovirus.)
Mad cow-Moo (I'm not even going to explain that one.)
Sleeping sickness-Lullabye (When you think of sleeping sickness you think of sleep and lullabyes are sleep related.)
Ebola-Squirmy (It's one big squirmy mess)
Stomach Ache-Queasy (When you get a stomach ache you feel queasy.)
Dust Mite-Rags(Look at a dust mite under a microscope. It should look like it has a rag draped over it)
Plaugue- Medival (Some of the times black Death was spreading around was the medival times.)
Sore Throat-Strep (You all know this one.)

Note:These two are open for suggestions,

Ear ache- Orange ( Couldn't think of any thing else.)

Flesh eating- Hungrey (Boring!)
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