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Coating the walls of the hospital seems a bit nutty to me, though it is how our guts do it so who knows. Considering how long it takes to develop new drugs and get them tested and aproved I think that we should be more careful with the ones we have, who knows when and if a new one will come out that will treat something resistant to all others! Plus many companies are focusing on other diseases and not on making new antibiotics. I think that there is likely a limited number of compounds that would work and not harm/kill people as well and eventually we will run out of options. I think that vaccination might be the key to solving at least some of the problem, prevent the infection in the first place so that antibiotics are not needed. Proper hand washing with regular soap is also very important, I saw data showing how important. The mortality rates of two hospital wards were compared, one was run by nurses that washed between patients (low mortality) and the other by med school students and they did not (high mortality), this was back before the "antibacterial" soaps were invented.
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