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I'm hoping to have all the current ones before the new ones come out. I'm guessing they will come out sometime in June or July. Luckily, if things go according to plan, I will buy Polio this weekend, HIV, Hepatitis, and Dust Mite in may, and Bed bug, louse, and bookworm in june, therefore, beginning to collect the new ones in July (if they are out by then, that is). If they add more to the already existing categories (maladies, health, etc.), and I imagine they will, I will collect those ones first, just to finish off the already-started categories. Then, I will start on the new categories. Since they will probably do a new category for the cells, I'll do that one first. If it's the only new category, I'll still do it after re-completing the old categories. If you read this, I'm amazed, because it is long and pointless.
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