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Originally Posted by Tuburculosis
has anyone gotten popups saying that wat you are posting is being sent and may be read by a third party?

I once tried to use a pair of suspenders to make a sling shot or something (that is what happens when your really sweet and well meaning aunt gets you cordy pants with matching suspenders for Christmas), and so I hooked them to the door knob (not sure why), and pulled back as far as I could. The clasps did not take the force so they came flying at me, wacking me on the head and giving me a nasty cut (they were metal clasps), still have a scar from that smart move . I was probably 6-8 or something like that. I know not to let my potential offspring not have suspenders, lol! Of course anything became a potential weapon or hazard with my sisters and I, my niece is even worse and she younger and does not have two helpers !
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