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Originally Posted by kskerr
Ouch, hits to the eye hurt! I ran into a sign in front of my Bubbie last time I went to see them, I usually wear my hair up but had decided to leave if down for once and was messing with it and all of a sudden a sign wacked me in the head. She freaked and was concerned, I pretended it was nothing and since I had bangs at the time that hid the bump and cut. They say the more educated you are the less common sense you have, I think I am an example of that, not much longer and I will have to have someone escort me around so I don't walk into trees or something!
I once tried to catapult a snail over our back fence, so I laid a shovel across a brick and put the snail on the metal part of the shovel and I stomped on the handle. Well, the snail rolled off, and the shovel came up and hit me square in the middle of my forhead!! My dad was like "Oh man are you ok!?" and I jsut stood there dazed for a while and then I started laughing.

For about 2 weeks I had a huge purple lump on my forhead, like I was some kind of nubby unicorn.
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