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Originally Posted by Pollock II
The other day I was at Wal-Mart with my roomie, who was buying a pack of clothes hangers. I grabbed another pair for her and I wacked myself in the eye in front of two Wal-Mart employees. They looked really shocked and scared at first, but then I burst out laughing and they hesitantly began to laugh too. YOu know, that nervous "should I really be laughing?" sort of giggle.
Ouch, hits to the eye hurt! I ran into a sign in front of my Bubbie last time I went to see them, I usually wear my hair up but had decided to leave if down for once and was messing with it and all of a sudden a sign wacked me in the head. She freaked and was concerned, I pretended it was nothing and since I had bangs at the time that hid the bump and cut. They say the more educated you are the less common sense you have, I think I am an example of that, not much longer and I will have to have someone escort me around so I don't walk into trees or something!
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