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Originally Posted by Pollock II
It really depends on *where* in Texas you are. We've had a couple very small ones touch doen in Houston, but nothing incredibly wild like in, say, Kansas.
Then there is that town in Oklahoma that seems to get hit every year. Looks like the cold front is mostly getting you guys wet down there, flooding instead of tornados. Sometimes flooding is worse though, especially if it involves sewage mixing with the water and potentially contaminating drinking water.

Speaking of contamination, ISU lost to U of I, that made the front page, the Iowans here are devastated (well the cyclone fans, the U of I fans are thrilled), not one mention of the epidemic on the front page. Not gone through the entire paper yet, I would hope it at least gets a mention though, somewhere! Just because there have not been any reported cases in Iowa does not mean that it should be ignored, this is big news, and you never know, it could still spread here, or someone could go out of state, as people here often do, and pick it up there because they do not know to be careful... Iowans are nutty sometimes.
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