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Amtrak goes through much of the country. No I do not think I have heard of your instrument, my mom had an odd on that is supposed to be played with a feather, not sure what it was called, it had strings. I tried learning guitar, that was very short lived. They taught us some basic keyboarding in 6th grade, I liked it but did not pursue it.

I was thrilled when I found out about Giantmicrobes, I was a Jr in college and was very close to deciding I wanted to become a microbiologist (I made the decision that year) and as soon as I could I ordered them all, back then there was only the 15. The order wouldn't go through and I was devastated, I kinda remember them calling me but it could have been me calling them, and that straightened it out and I got my bugs almost immediately. Couple years later they came out with a bunch of new ones and when I found out my family jumped on it, some of them have trouble knowing what to get me since I became employed and so buy whatever I want (well until recently, now I can't afford to since I have my own place and pay rent and bills, I miss living at home sometimes!). So between 2 birthdays and Christmas I had them all again (well except for the German made up one).
~~Nonpathogenic microbes are our friends~~
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