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Originally Posted by myco monster View Post
I have been gone for a while, but if at least one other person is here I have a reason to post. By the way, I have realy bad news. My semi-minor scholiosis has gotten worse in the last year or so and now it is giving me hell in my neck(which is visibly bent to the right at my shoulders now). and I looked up the treatments for it and none of them are too pleasent or effective. compounding this is the fact that spinal deformations gross me out more than teratomas do.
I'm really sorry to hear about that I hope you've found a way to treat it. If you haven't already, I hope you do!

I've been away for quite sometime now . I'm a senior at high school, and this year has been very demanding... *sighs* I might not be able to come back for awhile...
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