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Default The Insects

My son and I LOVE the insects Giantmicrobes have been making. We take the housefly with us when we go out to eat, and tell the waitress we have a fly on our plate!

The mosquito is awesome too. My son, who is 14 now, says that she is an evil undead Vampire, and that we need to get some crosses and wooden stakes to keep her at bay! LOL

I have two suggestions.

#1: Cockroaches. How can you not have roaches? They're the most disgusting bugs of all, at least in the popular imagination (Mosquitos are actually more dangerous). We need a Giantmicrobes cockroach ASAP.

#2 GiganticMicrobes sized insects. The fly and mosquito would be incredible in the GiganticMicrobes size! There was a movie on the Sci-Fi channel a while back called Mosquito, where giant mosquitos came about from exposure to radiation. They were so big that one could suck a human completely dry, leaving the body looking shriveled up like a raisin! Giantmicrobes needs to make such a mosquito. The fly would be fun to take out to eat in the Gigiantic size too.
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