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Default The Random Thread

Hey everyone!

So I noticed that lots of people have been MIA (*scoff* those useless slackers jk pleasedon'tkillme) from the forums and I've decided to dust off a space simply for people to talk about random stuff. It can really be anything and everything you want like fav songs, sharing some pics/vids, microbes if you want, the wishing-for-something-but-not-getting-a-good-outcome game , really just anything. So it will be The Random Thread for all who come . Hopefully this's allowed....

So fire away (and don't make me have a conversation with myself)!
MICROBES: Cute, yet... deliciously EVIL!!!!
Of course, not counting our good nonpathogenic microbes! (but they are still just as cute!)

-Stomach Ache*Special *Terrified with a smile! * ;D
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