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Lightbulb Microbe Game?

My boyfriend T.J. and I were sitting at my house one day and since we were really bored, we decided to pull out my microbes and play with them. We ended coming up with a game where we put all the germs in a big pile and then closed our eyes and both grabbed one at random. Then we would decide between both of us which germ we thought was more dangerous. The dangerous one was put back in the pile and the loser was taken out of the game. This process was repeated until only one germ stood. White blood cell, AIDS, T4, and penicillin were special germs. If you drew one of them you could keep it at your side and draw a different germ. Then you could later use your special germ if you needed too. When white blood cell was on your side your germ would automatically win that round if you chose to use it. Same with penicillin and AIDS (AIDS because your germ would be more dangerous if the person also had a weakened immune system). T4 did the same thing except it only worked on bacteria. The special germs were one use and after using them they would be taken out of the game. Minus the fact that we haven't really thought of what to do with the rest of the corporals, what do you guys think of our little game? Any suggestions? I actually have even started to make a card game to go along with it so we can play the game even when we're not around the actual microbes.
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