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Originally Posted by Hermes888 View Post
Billy Bob Brain Cell and Ellie Ebola or something. I also hate the genders. I mean, Gm has certain ones like Mono and two or three others that have specific genders, but with Silly Cells you can't pick! I like the fact that it's open with Gm, for you to decide.

Let's compare the only one they share: Amoeba.

Amoeba (Amoeba Proteus)

Arriba Amoeba
What can you say about Arriba? How about walking target practice! This guy is a magnet for bad luck. If he were standing in a lucky phone booth, it would be the only one backed over by a garbage truck, even if there were no garbage cans within ten city blocks. Arriba’s the millennium version of Steve Urkel, with a twist: that being, it seems like all the bad things happen to him. Not the others! And, just like Steve, Arriba has such a great personality and big heart, you just gotta love him. Though a dark cloud hovers overhead and a lightning bolt aims right for him, he somehow manages to find the silver lining!

His friends can always count on him, especially when it comes to test-driving the super-charged, rocket-propelled skateboard that Hippy ordered on eBay, or taste-testing Stella's gourmet, fire-breathing chili peppers. Who else can fall 100 feet off a cliff and be stampeded by a herd of chickens, or be used as a parachute, a punching bag, and a crash dummy, and live to tell about it? Why Arriba, of course! Most of the time he gets the short end of the stick, yet remains full of zest for life's little adventures. No doubt about it, he is definitely the "go to" guy everyone should have around.

Facts and Fun vs. Random weird story that only makes sense if you own all the others and... Fun?
GM tag: informative,fun and has picture of the actual thing it represents
SC tag: the most confusing thing i have ever read and mentions stuff that doesnt have anything to do with ameobas and "lucky Phone booth"?!!?!?!?!??!?
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