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Originally Posted by 10825 View Post
Who would buy one of these things? The Giantmicrobes have good, plain names for theirs, like just 'Brain Cell' Instead of 'Johnny Joe Brain Cell'. And the Silly Cell stories are bad too, like this one from Peppi Paramecium:

Peppi Paramecium

"Mama Mia!" While definitely one of his favorite phrases, it's also the one that you'll exclaim most often as you follow the crazy antics of Peppi, the happiest, most loveable and most emotional of the Silly Cells.............. His squeals can shatter glass, knock down trees, and send those muscle bound body-builders running for their mamas!

Who would buy it, just who would. We should tell the Silly Cell company just how much better Giantmicrobes are.
I'd get one maybe someday.
Fuzzy Wuzzy was a Fat cell. Fuzzy Wuzzy had not much hair. So Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn’t a really fuzzy Fat Cell was he?
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