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Originally Posted by Hermes888 View Post
Cool costume! This year I want to go as 2010's big scare (Like Swine Flu, Anthrax, MRSA, etc.) But Mitochondria is a body part, not an eaten organism. Mitochondria shouldn't be a GIANTmicrobe, it should be part of one.
Originally, the modern-day mitochondrian ("mitochondria" is plural) was an induvidual organism, that had perfected methods of extracting energy from glucose. Some other bacterium nearby "saw" the mitochondrian and thought it might make a good lunch. So the bacterium ate the mitochondrian.

However, the mitochondrian had an indigestible membrane. The bacterium realized he didn't need to digest the mitochondrian, but instead form a partnership between the two: the bacterium provides shelter, the mitochondrian provides energy. This became the first complex cell, which divided over time to form all the cells of plants and animals.

Make sense now?
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