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We can have 2, eh? Looks at Platelet and Chickenpox in longing. Which one?

Story behind SUBLIMITES:
They "Sublimize" (Should be "Sublimate," but "Sublimator" sounds like Terminator and shouting SUBLIMATE! would be too much like a Dalek.) by getting close to an object with its Super-Heated Propeller. The object's Solids and Liquids turn INSTANTLY into Gases. It then absorbs the Gases and Classifies them (Hydrogen, Helium, Carbon, Oxygen), then using them as an energy source.
That's the general type. It all started with a human-sized robot. Inside it, a Blue Micro-Star. When I say Micro, I mean Micro for a Star. Large to us. The Star supplies Heat, but needs excessive amounts of energy to Energy to keep it Alive, or else it will go Supernova/Black Hole. Both would have consequences to destroy a City.
Now we get to the SUBLIMITES. See what I did there. Subli-Mite? Heh-heh. Anyway, they don't need stars, after the SUBLIMIZER Failure, the Scientists found a Better Heat Source (Classified, Top Secret, and Copyrighted!) able to fit in a Nanobot, not a Human-Sized Robot. These Robots are used to destroy Blood-Clots and Excess Fat. Healthy, right? Not made to hunt microbes. Any microbes that do get in the way are Sublimized. Notice my Malfunctions? Bacteria Known as Ebola Virus, but later Fungal Sublimation- Platelet then T-Cell, somethings wrong with these guys.

SUBLIMITES aren't meant to be the only bad guys here. I think it be cool if there'd be thousands of Robots for different purposes. One for Viral Eradication, Bacterial Eradication, Fungal Eradication, etc. One for Fixing Wounds (like Platelets 2.0), a lot would be fun to battle! I can't wait to see what you come up with!
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