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Woah... Ah... Headache... Head?
Strep woke up. Woke up? Fork and knife next him. How did that get there? No... they were not a fork and knife... they were pieces of shrapnel, looking like a fork and a knife. How did he know what a fork and a knife looked like? He picked them up, they could come in handy. Whirring. Deep whirring. Like a Helicopter? Metal whirring. He moved towards the noise. He saw what looked like something strange. Metal. With a red-propeller, moving fast. Too fast for him to his eyes to see. Moving faster, turning orange. Getting hotter. The side said SUBLIMITE. A strange voice said to a group of Red-Blood Cells cornered against a blood-clot:
"Are YoU tHE BaCTERiA knoWn as EBOlaViruS?"
That voice sounded strange, and what he- it- said didn't make sense. Orange turned to yellow. The Red-Blood Cells were terrified.
It took a step closer! Strep threw the 'fork' at it. THUD! It turned around.
"ScaNNing.... sCannInG... plATEleT... do noT hARm. ReTURn to fUnGAl SuBliMATIon!"
T-Cell? Something was seriously wrong here. The propeller was white-hot now. Some Red-Blood Cells were passing out from the heat. Suddenly, he saw a hatch. With the knife, he pried it open! He saw a micro, well, not micro to him, and grabbed his fork. It turned.
"T-cEll doINg oVEr-Harm, muSt sUBlimiZe foR sElf-proteCTION!"
Oh no... he didn't know what to do... he didn't know what to do! Wait... the fork! He picked it up and jumped, stabbing it into the micro-chip! Jolts went through him. It hurt. A lot.
Woah... Ah... Headache... Head?
Strep woke up. A destroyed SUBLIMITE was next to him. In his hands, a fork. Not to far, a fork. Where the SUBLIMITE collapsed, the heat sublimized through the blood vein. Some Platelets were trying to fix it. The Red-Blood Cells were explaining to a White-Blood Cell what happened. He had gained the Immune-System's trust. But there was something strange. He was no longer Streptococcus Pyogenes, reason for Strep throat, no. That jolt of electricity mutated him. He was Flesh-Eating now. And he was hungry.
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