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Default Microbe RPG: The Beginning-Prep board

Hermes888 started the RP,had a prep board for it,but it never took off. I'd love to keep the idea of RPing alive here,so this prep board will get us primed and ready for it! Here,you can establish characters you'll play,their personality,and discuss anything you think we should do in that particular RP.
I know this kind of makes it seem like I'm taking charge of Hermes' RP,but I'm helping it take off. If you're gonna RP as a microbe *who won't? * use this form,it's uber easy,but let's us know what we need to know. xD

Microbe name: *in you have one for it*
Microbe species: *ebola,flesh eating,cold,etc.*

Easy,huh? Now you're ready to RP,right?
Again,I am NOT taking charge of Hermes' RP. I'm helping it. This way,it's a little more organized,and we all don't just be all "I'MA BE BLACK DEATH,HE EATS YOU ALL RAWR." Or something. Though,Hermes' first RP post was very good.
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