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Default Which GIGANTIC should I get?

I'm thinking of 1 out of 4, possibly 5, GIGANTIC microbes to get in July, here are the options:
Blue Amoeba

Why: Fits in with my room, Favorite Microbe,
Why Not: I have an Orange Amoeba

Why: Cuddly, Different (Color)
Why Not: Looks like MRSA (Shape)
Sore Throat:

Why: Cuddly, Favorite Family of Microbes
Why Not: I have Flesh-Eating and a Mini Sore-Throat

Why: To "Scale," Huggable, I like to read
Why Not: Not too Detailed

Unlike a Normal Microbe which I can pay off within a week, a GIGANTIC would take a month, so I want it to be worth it.
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