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Originally Posted by myco monster View Post
ms is an autoimmune(i know i spelled that wrong) disease that causes the white blood cells to attack the coating of nerves, causing them to become coated in scar tissue and missfire. no it isnt caused by a microbe(unless you count white blood cells as microbes) but it would be great if they remade nerve cell as ms.
Congradulations! You actually spelt "autoimmune" right! You get a gold star!

*gives shiny gold star*

Eat it! It's chocolate!

Yeah, like you said, MS is an autoimmune disease, like rheumatic fever. I suppose that Nerve Cell could (and should) be remade into an MS GM.


A new category, called "Traitors". Includes Cancer (assumed to be breast) and Alzheimer's Disease (a protein produced by the body, similar to a prion).
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