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Originally Posted by Hermes888 View Post
I guess that it was T4's fault. He picked out T4: The Movie, made by Bacteriophage Productions, not the cheesy horror-movie ripoff named the same thing by E. Coli Movies. One's about a Superhero T4 trying to clean up a body full of villain E. Colis, the other is about a T4 killing innocent E. Coli teenagers. Classic B-Movie. I knew we should've watched Malaria Report, Back to the Flu-ture, MRSA Jones, or even Jurassic Pox!

Seen Mega White-Blood Cell Versus Giant Penicillin? Don't! Made by E. Coli Movies too, that scene where the White-Blood Cell jumped and ate the swab midair was just dumb. And both of them being frozen in a pill for 100 hours is ridiculous! Even the animation was bad.
Fuzzy Wuzzy was a Fat cell. Fuzzy Wuzzy had not much hair. So Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn’t a really fuzzy Fat Cell was he?
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