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Originally Posted by Hermes888 View Post
So predictable. 2 PMs, same guy each time (Hummannic), same message each time.
Yes, I know there are viruses here, but everyone knows to avoid them. Complaining about it is making it worse, we started with "Warnings" from "Forum Admins," we complain, they use our complaints to "Upgrade" their bots. And so the cycle continues. Ignore 'em, they'll be at a standstill. Their trolls guys! They feed off of our annoyance! They'll forget about us, go away!
I can already predict their message a week from now:

Nevermind, I sense a copy and paste coming soon.

Also, if you're suspicious, go to the members page and look at all the names with avatars. Those with GIANTmicrobes Avatars care enough about Gm that they can be trusted. If they aren't, consider them Spammers.
OKAY good advice.
Fuzzy Wuzzy was a Fat cell. Fuzzy Wuzzy had not much hair. So Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn’t a really fuzzy Fat Cell was he?
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