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Originally Posted by kskerr
The beer mug would be the perfect present for my dad!!! He is still totally into his brewing kick, I created a monster getting him the little tank (2.5 gallons), he has since gotten his old 6 gallon bucket tank out and is going at it!

Or louse pillowcase...

ROLF on the undies!

Have info on the plates about the organism and how to prevent against it, like wash your hands after touching raw meat, can't say cook meat properly since I am totally into rare beef, though chicken and pork I always cook until they are 165 or higher with my meat thermometer. Don't prep raw meat on the counter and then without washing it prep ready to eats on the same surface... Don't let food sit out if it should be in the fridge or frozen. Hmm this reminds me that I should be working on my food micro assignment...
my dad is into brewing too,and you got ROFL wrong.
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