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I looked at the animations and counted like... 15? There are 5 most notable ones I liked :

Salmonella+Sore Throat

My thoughts:

Yay! The circus is here!!!


My thoughts:

The look on its face when it sees the blemish is exactly just like mine!!!

Black Death

My thoughts:

Really creepy b/c of the texture of the skin looks realistic, but that's part of the reason why I like it! Though I like it cuz the scythe is too heavy for it to carry and it can barely move! lolz

And #5
C. Diff

My thoughts: ...



HA HA HA!!! AHH!!!!

MICROBES: Cute, yet... deliciously EVIL!!!!
Of course, not counting our good nonpathogenic microbes! (but they are still just as cute!)

-Stomach Ache*Special *Terrified with a smile! * ;D
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