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Exclamation MRSA shocker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

as some of you may know about 10 years ago i had mrsa on my skin(i have to correct somthing i said in another thread: it wasn't a raw spot it was a hard, crusty scab.) and now for some more news-i think he's BACK!!!. i have had a spot of skin that has had a persistant rash and i asked somone i knew that saw the original infiction about it and she said it looked just like it did 10 years ago. also from my dermotologist i learned that it can cause big painful zits inside your nose( which i had twice while i had this rash.) now for the big shocker: i have had this rash and the occasional nose zit for MORE THAN 4 YEARS!!!!!!. other than itching like mad from time to time ,turning the skin into a horible looking jungle and causing those stupid nose blisters it's just kinda stayed where it is and resisted all the medicine the docter has given me(more proof). but i still want to kill it before it can do somthing nasty so im going to the doctor. just wanted to give you the news. i will tell you what it turns out to be if it isnt mrsa.
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