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I can think of so many new microbes!
Here a list:
Clostridium botulinum - so you know where your Botox comes from
Paramecium - everyone knows that microbe
Euglena - everyone knows that too
Cholera - you have the Plague as Giantmicrobe, why not the Cholera?
Diphtheria - you know that from your childhood vaccinations
Tetanus - same as Diphtheria
Scarlet fever - I had that several times as a child, perhaps a microbe will cheer children up
Measles - same as for Diphtheria and Tetanus
Mumps - same as for Diphtheria, Tetanus and Measles
Smallpox - it has an interesting history
Rubella/German measles - everyone knows that too - but why this disease is called German measles?
Meningitis - everyone knows that too

That's all I remember
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