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Originally Posted by Stomach Ache*Special View Post
I see...

... Well, you were right... though digital cameras are pretty pricey, but have way better quality, (of course) and even add in Black&White, Sepia, and many other effects. It's not like you need to get some professional-grade camera or anything like that, but I think you should get one where you can charge it rather than putting in batteries, because I love my own camera, but it feeds on those batteries like crazy! And then in just an hour of using it, the batteries are dead!

Mine is a Canon PowerShot A520, but I really don't recommend this unless you happen to have a TON of double-A batteries, you don't use cameras too often, or you're not such a perfectionist like I am, lol!

Mine eats batteries like a Dimetrodon. LOL
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